Level 2 Food Safety course in the classroom

In recent years we have had deaths in the UK due to food allergens, particularly in the last 3 months. Some of these deaths have led to Chefs/business owners going to prison. However for the families of the unfortunate people who have lost family members, this offers little comfort.

So I felt the need to write this post, I believe classroom food safety training has much more impact than Online food safety. Not only that, but what is covered in this classroom based course will provide you with the tools to meet the requirements expected by the Food Standard Agency, (leading to a possible 5 star rating).

People say online is cheaper and more convenient but would the people who suffer from food allergies, or the families of the people who have lost their lives to food allergies agree? This is the reason why employers should not choose convenience of training over quality.

I can offer quality food safety training from £40 per person in our classroom. Please feel free to contact us at www.nhsts.co.uk call:01977 326092.

Education needs to be the way forward on this sad situation. This is the reason why I run a training company in the UK. I personally teach Food Safety which includes a section on Allergens in which I show case studies of tragic cases of anaphylactic shock. Furthermore, I show videos of people who have been left effected by anaphylaxis.

We also cover cross contamination by getting different colour equipment out and demonstrating colour coding – this is one of the Food Safety Standards best practices.

About me: I worked in food retail for over 10 years and spent 7 years managing and supervising in restaurants. My Mum was a cook/chef for 40 years running pubs/restaurants and doing catering for nursing home. I am not embarrassed to say I am a little bit chubby, I love food (I worked in my first Italian restaurant when I was only 16! and my passion for food as not diminished since!).

Lee Hewis

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