September 2019 is coming! Driver CPC Deadline

If you completed your Driver CPC for September 2014 deadline you need to have completed your next 35 hours before September 2019.

Don’t get caught up in the last minute rush and be forced to do any modules that are available. In 2014 Many drivers were repeating modules to get 35 hours of Driver CPC.

Here at Northern Health and Safety we have 11 modules to choose from.

We are hoping to add more modules too.

You can currently choose from the following:

  • Your company and the Law (3.5 hour session)
  • Drivers Hours and Tachographs (3.5 hour session)
  • Vehicle Performance, Driving Techniques and Safety(3.5 hour)
  • Individual Performance and Loads(3.5 hour session)
  • Customer Service (3.5 hour session)
  • Manual Handling (3.5 hour session)
  • Core Module (summary of all modules)(3.5 hour session)
  • Bulk Haulage Operations (3.5 hour session)
  • Vehicle Banks man (3.5 hour session)
  • Your Attitude (3.5 hour session)
  • Drivers Emergency First Aid (7 hour session)