What is your reason for not doing Driver CPC?

I often hear people saying I am too busy to complete my Driver CPC. I have listed a few of the reasons I hear from drivers and companies:

1. I am just too busy at the moment (Will DVSA accept this excuse in September 2019?)

2. My company can’t spare the drivers for DCPC – we need trucks out on the road
( what happens in 2019 when DVSA stops your drivers)

3. I have school runs Monday to Friday, Saturday is busy with bookings
(Small mini bus operator – what you going to do in 2019?)

4. It does not matter –  when we come out of European Union it will be scrapped
(There are no plans to scrap Driver CPC).

Here at Northern Health and Safety Training Service Ltd, We will do training any day of the week including Sundays, we will work evenings and we intend in doing courses in August so there is no excuse for school bus drivers to say we are too busy. We have classrooms in Castleford and Sheffield or we can come to your site and train on your site, We offer solutions to your reasons for not completing Driver CPC.

Email: info@nhsts.co.uk Call:01977 326092

Lee Hewis
Posted in Driver CPC.